Who we are

Our mission is to improve the long-term sustainability of nonprofit leaders and organizations by offering the highest quality programs, consultation, training and community-building networks.

About Us



SCANO’s vision is a powerful, vibrant and effective nonprofit community. We engage leaders in learning and implementing the best practices of management and governance in their organizations for the betterment of the communities they serve. 



 SCANO knows that the most effective way to increase the capacity of a nonprofit is to strengthen and sustain the leaders and board members of the organization. Our goal is to be an effective source of information and support for nonprofit emerging leaders, executive directors and board members seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their organizations. We accomplish this by providing access to state of the art, best-in-class resources and programs, peer support networks, and personal consultation to over 250 California nonprofit organizations.



In 1993, Dorothy James, CEO, caught a vision to provide means for community and nonprofit leaders to obtain the knowledge and resources necessary to promote excellence in nonprofit organizational performance and management.  Dorothy felt that by strengthening the leadership of social entrepreneurs and local nonprofits, these organizations would be better able to serve their communities thereby improving the quality of life for countless people.